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Portfolio of Accomplishments

Note: All of the events listed below were created, produced, directed, or conceived fully or partially by Conwell Worthington.

250+ Conceptual Ideas for the Walt Disney Company, Live Show Development Division (Writing/Directing)

24 Hour Restoration Beach Party (All California Restoration Companies)

A My Name is Alice ~ San Francisco (Producer)

A Streetcar Named Desire ~ 50th Anniversary Production, National Tour and Broadway (Producer)

A Tribute to Walter Cronkite featuring Carol Channing, Eartha Kitt, Danny Kaye, Cab Calloway ~ Held at The Waldorf Astoria, NY (Producer)

"AGA-BOOM" ~ Los Angeles Premier (Producer)

The Andy Williams Christmas Show ~ Concert (Producer)

Angela Lansbury Concert ~ Charitable Event (Producer)

Anything Goes ~ Eastern Seaboard Tour with Ann Miller (Direction / Staging)

Asian Games ~ Thailand 1998 (Conception)

Beauty and The Beast ~ (Producer) for Disney (Australia, Japan, Austria, London, Associate Producer Broadway)

Beverly Sills Concert ~ Charitable Event with Beverly Sills (Producer)

Butterflies are Free ~ Production Supervisor, starring Gloria Swanson

Caesar's Magical Empire ~ Dinner Showcases, Caesar's Palace - Las Vegas (Direction / Staging)

Chapman University ~ Annual Fundraiser, Musical event with video support (Producer)

Club Rainforest ~ New Attraction for The Walt Disney Co. (Writing)

Crossroads to Freedom ~ Through Composed Musical, National Tour and Broadway
(Producer / Direction)

Caesars Magical Empire Aga Boom

The Outside Of Caesars Magical Empire

The Mighty Ducks


Dames at Sea ~ starring Bernadette Peters at the Westchester Playhouse, Detroit MI & Miami Performing Arts Center, Miami FL (Direction / Staging)

Danny Kaye Concert ~ Charitable Event (Producer)

Debbie Reynolds Concert ~ Charitable Event (Producer)

Dick Van Dyke Event ~ Charitable Event (Producer)

The Disney Learning Channel ~ Literacy Tour, 14 City Tour (Direction / Staging / Writing)

Disney Worldwide Celebrity Winged Tour (Producer)

Disneyanna ~ Multimedia event to showcase new and old Disney memorabilia; included 4 custom live shows and grand finale dinner for 2000 guests (Producer / Direction / Staging / Writing)

Disneyanna West Coast 3 Day shows and Conference

Disney's Beauty and the Beast ~ International Productions in Australia, Austria, England, Germany, Japan (Producer)

Disney's ToonTown Opening ~ 3 Day Celebrity Event with opening show and dinner + 100 major celebrities, including Robin Williams, Angela Lansbury, Cheers Cast, Sally Field, Whoopi Goldberg (Producer / Direction / Staging / Musical Composition / Writing)

The Doug Henning Magic Show (Producer)

DIRTY DANCING - Associate Producers

Elizabeth Taylor Birthday Party ~ Special Celebration at Disneyland Castle for 200 celebrity guests such as Elton John; included Ms. Taylor's arrival in horse drawn carriage, sit-down dinner, and special fireworks (Producer)

Elvis Presley Look-A-Like Event ~ Hosted by Mark & Bryan, K-Big Radio (Producer)

Ethel Merman Event ~ Charitable Event (Producer)

Ford Motor Company ~ Showroom Floor Unveiling, 4 Week Event at New York Convention Center with 3-4 shows per day (Producer)

General Motors Corporation ~ Prism Unveiling, Media event announcing the GM Prism (Producer)

The Great American Car Race (Producer)

Heartbreak Hotel ~ Musical (Producer)

Home ~ Libretto for an Original Musical (Writing)

Itzhak Perlman Concert ~ Charitable Event (Producer)

Jack Lindquist Retirement Party ~ featuring Jack Lindquist, Michael Eisner, Frank Wells; band gag, special video, elaborate presentation of a boat, themed food and servers (Producer)

The Laramie Project ~ Laguna Playhouse (Producer)

Lena Horne Concert (Producer)

The Lion King Parade ~ at Disneyland (Producer)

Live Stage Productions for the Walt Disney Company ~ In Disney Theme Parks and National Tours + Live Stage Shows in Pacific Rim (Producer)

Man of LaMancha ~ starring Howard Keel at the Coconut Grove Playhouse, FL (Direction / Staging)

Mattel Toy Shop Grand Opening with Frank Wells ~ Media event unveiling new Mattel store and products at Disney (Producer / Direction / Writing)

Media Games Charity Event ~ Hosted by Disney Marketing Division; specially themed charity event with opening & closing ceremonies + game rules
(Producer / Direction / Staging / Musical Composition / Writing)

Mickey's 65th Birthday Celebration ~ 4 day national media event; 8 shows targeted to 6,500 underprivileged children (Producer)

Millikin Carpet & Fabric Show ~ Unveiling of Millikin's new carpet and fabrics through humor and dance in 8, 50 minute shows (Producer)

National Baseball Team Announcements (Producer / Writing)

NHL Mighty Ducks Opening Ceremony and Season ~ Opening Extravaganza and Media Events (Producer / Direction / Staging / Musical Composition / Writing)

Night of the Iguana, producer Fred Walker ~ for anticipated Broadway run (Associate Producer)

Avery Fisher Hall
The Mighty Ducks Skating

SwingState Fair Airship

Our Best Treasure ~ Written for Glory of Christmas, composed by Michael Coleman and sung by Debby Boone with accompaniment by The London Symphony Orchestra and voiceover of Dean Jones (Musical Composition)

Pasadena Playhouse ~ Coordinating Producer for the State Theatre of Vienna and the Pasadena Playhouse joint productions (Coordinating Producer)

Pips Islands  ~ An interactive, environmental children's show

Play On! ~ National Tour and International Tour (Producer)

President Gerald Ford Event ~ Charitable Event (Producer)

The Red Skelton Show ~ Concert / Charitable Event for the South Coast Medical Center, Laguna Beach: New Wing Fundraiser (Producer)

Retribution, A New Play at First Stage in Los Angeles (Writing)

Robert Goulet Concert ~ Concert / Charitable Event for The Long Beach Boys Club: Building Fundraiser (Producer)

Rock the Pond ~ NHL Mighty Ducks Theme Song on D2:The Mighty Ducks Soundtrack
(Musical Composition by Michael Coleman)

Roger Rabbit Voiceovers spoken by Charles Fleisher for use in all Disney Theme Parks
(Writing / Copy Direction)

Selena Forever ~ National Tour and International Tour (Producer)

The Shiki Theatrical Group ~ Largest Japanese Theatrical Company (Ongoing Consultation)

Sisterella ~ German and Austrian Tour (Producer) presented by MAMA Concerts and Michael Jackson

Stage Adaptation of Films for Broadway Stage ~ Production Consultants for Universal Studios (Producer)

State Fair at Disneyland ~ 3 month parkwide event (Producer / Direction / Writing)

Streetscape ~ Cool and hip dance / theater experience (Producer / Direction / Writing)

Sugar ~ starring Robert Morse at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles (Producer)

The Dream Maker ~ Off-Broadway show (Conception / Writing)

The Effect of Gamma Rays ~ starring Shelly Winters, Re-Staging in Westchester, New York, Florida, and Connecticut (Staging)

The Glory of Christmas ~ New Version of Show featuring Dean Jones and Debby Boone with The London Symphony Orchestra (Producer / Direction / Staging / Conception / Writing)

The Glory of Easter ~ starring Michael York, Re-Conceived & Wrote Narration for Gregory Peck (Producer / Direction / Staging /Re-Conception / Writing)

The King and I ~ featuring Rudolf Nureyev (Associate Direction)

The King and I ~ starring Yul Brynner (Staging)

The Music Man- starring Dick Van Dyke,(Associate Producer/Production Supervisor) National Tour and Broadway.

The Lyric Quintet ~ Telescene Film Company, National Tour and Broadway (Producer)

The Theatre of Vienna ~ Austria's National Theatre (Ongoing Consultation)

Tom Jones Concert (Producer)

Tony Bennett Concert (Producer)

U.S. Post Office Classic Stamp Unveiling ~ PR News Event with 1,000 invited media and guests (Producer)

U.S. Treasury new series E-Bond Unveiling ~ Show giving history of Treasury bond and launching new product offerings (Producer)

VATICAN II: Produced by Conwell Worthington and Michael Coleman

Victor Borge Concert (Producer)

The Vienna Choir Boys Concert ~ Charitable Event (Producer)

Wine Tasting Lawn Party event for Wine Tasting Association (Producer)

World Cup 1995 (Producer / Conception)

Yentl: A Piece of Sky ~ Musical (Producer)

Vatican IIDames At Sea