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Discover How Corporate Theatre Helps You

During the past three decades, J & B Theatrical Productions, LLC, has produced more than 20 corporate theatre events, shows, and unveilings in Orange, California, and beyond. These live events are a perfect way to catch the attention of potential or past clients and let them know about your latest products. If you have customers throughout the world, our business film production team works with your vision to create a stunning video that you can use again and again to show clients what your business has to offer.

Produced The Mighty Ducks Opening Ceremony, TV Special and game entertainment

Satisfied Customers

Hundreds of Satisfied Customers

If you develop products, the best way to garner interest and social media buzz is to hold a grand unveiling of your latest projects. One of our specialties is creating unveiling and grand opening ceremonies for companies like Mattel™, Disney, Ford, and General Motors™. All companies benefit from hosting these types of events, which are a great way to get the news out about your newest services or products. Hosting a product unveiling brings customers to your location, because everybody loves a party. Some of our most successful previous events include:

Disney—ToonTown Opening | Ford Motor Company—Showroom Floor Unveiling | General Motors Corporation—Prism Unveiling | Mattel Toy Shop—Grand Opening | US Postal Service™—Classic Stamp Unveiling

A Full Portfolio of Dramatic Theatre Productions

In addition to business theatre, our team is skilled at directing and producing dramatic and creative shows. Come to us with your creative vision and let us assist you with direction and production to bring your ideas to life. Some of our previous successful shows include:

Over 350 Events and Projects for the Walt Disney Company such as: Grand Opening of ToonTown, Grand Opening of Fantasmic, Disneyanna Convention, numerous show dinners for 2,000 guests, plus many more.

These are just a small selection of our past works. View images from our complete portfolio at our gallery.

Special Events

Flag Event

Memorial Day Celebration Event "Largest American Flag created"

• Grand Opening of ToonTown

• Grand Opening of Fantasmic

• Dedication of the Hazel Wright Organ Crystal Cathedral

Flag Event

Memorial Day Celebration Event "Largest American Flag created"

• Disneyanna Convention

• And numerous show dinners for 2,000 guests